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Welcome !

:rose: All about this group ::rose:

This group was founded on the concept of the relationship and impacts between Nature and Humanity. Each folder of our group is conceptual of the relationship or impacts that could exist between the two.

:bulletblack: Themes of our conceptual folders with examples : :bulletblack:

:lightbulb: Human impact on Nature :

Whatever Human did on Nature, to destroy it or to take profit of it. By nature we mean animals too, so it may be also animals victims of Human activity, I let you think about :) But there must be a nature aspect with the human aspect and really impact or relationship between the two elements !

:lightbulb: Nature impact on Humanity :

Lost and abandonned buildings, houses, places etc, where nature resumes its duties, plants and flowers grew up on an abandonned car for example... But it can be also natural disaster in a town, etc... There must be human aspect with the natural aspect and really impact or relationship between the two elements !

:lightbulb: Nature in peace with Humanity :

Humanity and Nature must be both in the photograph, in all aspects you want, let's think about =) There must be an explicite kind of communion or peaceful relationship between the two elements. Pornography or nudity are not allowed.

It can be for example someone sleeping in a nest of flowers, dead leaves in a forest ; wild animals in relationship with an human, a pretty little house build in a beautiful garden, etc...

:lightbulb: Impact of Time on Human Things :

-The picture must contain something human used by the time, not by nature. So if there is a building or an object degraded by nature it must be into the folder Impact of Nature on Humanity, not in Impact of Time on Human Things.

-Thus, no natural elements or impact on the subject of your picture, that is to said no verdure (plants), no water, no insects, no rust : this is for Impact of Nature on Humanity. No natural degradation for this folder. Just time consequences (dust, damaged, cracked, discolored...)

-Themes of your pictures could be for example an old room (sitting room, bedroom, or everywhere you want) where tissues are discolored by time, old ornaments, old furnitures etc... It can also be an abandonned house, hospital, motel, pub, industrial rooms view by the interior. It can also be old toys, old jewelry, old objects of any kind damaged by time, with dust, yellowed pages for old books etc... Old artisanal things so many time used and get lost or abandonned in a corner of an attic, in a closet... It could also be olds works as paintings or statues cracked or broken by time.

:lightbulb: New folder : Photomanipulation and HDR... :

For you, to express your creativity, your point of view about the relationships between Nature and Humanity and so on... Rules : we do accept photomanipulation when the picture is as real as it can be, it should be composed of photographs and only photographs and seems real. We do accept light HDR, too. And finally : we should find back the two aspects of this group in the composition : nature and humanity, both in the picture.

:bulletred: General Rules ::bulletred:

:bulletgreen:-Any member request will be accepted.

:bulletgreen:-Submissions : We prefer quality than quantity, low quality pictures won't be accepted, idem if the composition is bad as well, bad framing, blurry pictures, awful colors...

:bulletgreen:-Submissions allowed per day and per member are 5. But always watched, controled and accepted or declined before being in the gallery. We always explain why we decline.

:bulletgreen:-Only photography, no drawings or anything else than photography, sorry.

:bulletgreen:-We do not accept nudity, pornography, nor zoophilia. Explicit illegal and gore contents will be declined and reported to DA too.

:bulletgreen:-There must be one nature aspect and one human aspect both in the picture you propose, if there is only nature or human aspect : it would be declined. There must be an explicite kind of relationship (impact) between the two, also.

:bulletgreen:-Except for the folder about the Impact of Time on Human Things. Here there only have to be an impact of time by cracks, damages or dust on Human things. Please refer to each conceptual folder description and rules above this.

:bulletgreen:-The pictures you propose MUST fit to the subjects and concepts of each folder of the group and please take care of the right folder !

If you have any suggestion to improve the group or if you want to help us, just let us know :)
I hope you'll enjoy !

And many thanks to Newcastlemale for accepting the use of one of his pictures for our logo :)


Dear Humans,

I want to point you to a contest from our wonderful affiliate :icontrees-with-character: which could be interesting for you.

All information you will find in this journal


Additionally here in brief how it works:

:iconautumntree3plz: Theme: The theme for this contest is "Trees in the City"
:iconautumntree3plz: What should my entry be? Your entry must be a tree with heavy urban surroundings. Buildings, cars, people and the like. We will not accept entries that have small amounts of human structures such as a tree with a bench, or trees with a few light posts. Your tree must be obviously in the heart of a city or town.
:iconautumntree3plz: What Type of Art? As with all our contests, all art mediums are accepted. Photography, digital, crafts & literature as long as it is theme fitting :)
:iconautumntree3plz: Dates:
The contest will end February 4th
:iconautumntree3plz: New or old art? It can be either new art or old art.
:iconautumntree3plz: How many Entries can I submit? A member can submit up to 2 deviations. :)
:iconautumntree3plz: We already have many prizes including 600 :points: & lots of features!


Ciao feigenfrucht
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